Vikas’ Life Journey

His journey from studying in a small government school to being one of the most influential motivational speakers of today says it all about his passion, struggle and brilliance. After working for almost eight years with Corporate giants like IBM and McAfee, Vikas understood that ‘Secret of Success’ is altogether different when it comes to real life and is not even one percent of what most of us perceive. And that is when he decided to share this ‘Secret of Success’ with others and to make them realize their own worth. His dedication towards it was so intense that he even denied the offer from Microsoft and started his very own training and development organization ‘Adhyan’.

As Vikas says, ‘’Learning continues till our last breath. Organized learning with a specific purposes is real education and is not limited to securing school and college degrees as commonly perceived. Real education with lifelong learning is the secret to success in life and my mission is to overcome any hurdle between you and your learning.’’

His flagship programs include Meeting Powerful You, 3 C’s Of Top Performance, Conquer FEAR, Career Ka Panchnama and much more. With every conference or seminar, Vikas’ fan following is only increasing day-by-day, who admire him not only for his positive approach towards life, but also for his exceptional methods to achieve anything you want in life.

Today, with his hard-work and dedication towards bringing a change in the society has gained him a client list ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Vikas doesn’t believe in statements like ‘don’t take risk, live a safe life, it is not easy as you think’, etc.. And neither wants any one of us to remember these curse words. He says, ‘Such words only makes us forget the potential we have to succeed in life and makes us doubt our own abilities.’

With this thought in mind he wrote books like ‘Meeting Powerful You’ and ‘Top 10 Mistakes While Making Career Choices’, which strengthens our belief that we are capable of doing much more than what we are doing right now and why even with best efforts most of us are not able to make right career choices.
He holds many prestigious degrees and his research work has been published in Research Manuals of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Rukmini Devi Institute of Advanced Studies and Indian Society for Training and Development.

Vikas has delivered Life Skills training to United Nations Refugees under UNHCR with a focus on helping different sections of the society and has mentored Faculty Development Program to Assistant/Associate Professors of University of Delhi and others organizations to empower educational institutions. He is also a member of ISTD (Indian Society of Training and Development), AIMA (All India Management Association), The Indus Entrepreneur, Toastmasters Club and various other societies.

His motivational talks, positive attitude, knowledge, experiences and charismatic persona is what makes him stand out of the crowd and leads to desired transformation in people on personal and professional front.

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