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1. Meeting Powerful You

Motivational Program to break the Conditioning of Past by living in Present and Constructing the Future. This Program helps participants to realize their true potential and motivate them to take appropriate actions in life to achieve their purpose.

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2. 3C’s of Top Performers

Designed by Vikas Jain, this program covers unique combination of personality attributes called 3C’s which can turn an average performer into top performer. Participants would learn self-evaluation approach to perform better in life.

3. Releasing Technique to build Emotional Intelligence

Emotions impact our life at much deeper level than most of us can even think. This program covers a very simple yet extremely powerful technique named “Releasing” which can even release deep rooted suppressed emotions and help participants experience their true state i.e. bliss.

4. Use Technology to Grow Your Business

Appropriate use of technology can lead to exponential business growth and huge savings on resources. One can even achieve unexplored yet extremely profitable opportunities. This program is immediately useful for Solo and Small business owners with/without technical background.

5. Conquer FEAR (Finance, Emotions, Attitude, Relationship)

Designed by Vikas Jain, this program covers four most crucial aspects of life. Once these aspects are conquered, one can overcome FEAR and become unstoppable by taking appropriate actions to achieve BIG things.

6. Conquer IT & Corporate World

Based on success growth of Vikas Jain in corporate, this program reveals those secret patterns which if followed correctly, can sky rocket the participant’s career growth in Corporate. Entry, Progression, Company switch, Profile Switch would become cake walk.

7. Career Ka Panchnama

Motivational Program based on research conducted by Vikas Jain on Why even Toppers Fail in Real Life and Top Ten Mistakes While Making Career Choice. Participants would get radically different perspective of Education to achieve their full potential.

8. Customized Programs

Life Skills Program, Faculty Development Program, Team Building Activities, Leadership Development Program and much more.

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