Vikas Jain

He is the founder of Adhyan Innovative Learning. An Author, Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Life Coach and Entrepreneur. He has inspired thousands of people and helped them realize their true potential.




“How many of you have been told”…
Don’t take Risk
Live a safe life
It’s not that easy that you think
These are the curses of today’s time… statements to make you forget your super abilities that you were born with.
Haven’t you got the glimpse in your life sometime that you can do MUCH more than what you are doing right now?
find your success configuration… and set up a

Whenever someone is going through some career confusion at any point in his/her life, they try to reach guide or mentor. Usual discussion is like this:You: I am confused and not sure what should I do/take up in career.
Reply: Ok so what is your interest?
You: [in your mind] if that would have been clear, why I would have come here :)So no one else can suggest you a career that is good for us. It is self exploration cycle which each one of us has to go through on our own.But still there are some common mistakes which can surely be avoided while making these choices. Read more..

..Vikas Jain conducted the workshop masterfully, engaging the audience throughout. Through his engaging style he was able to reach out to the participants.. Highly recommended..
Manish Gupta, Product Manager, McAfee (Intel) India Pvt Limited
..Delivery by Vikas Jain was very engaging and he was very prompt to answer participant’s queries. We highly recommend his session for corporate..                                                                                           
Simmy Rajpal, Sr. Executive-HR & Admin, Next Sourcing Services Pvt. Ltd.
Observed a great impact on our team after your session. Now we are feeling the change in working strategies and productivity.                                                                                                                                     
Abhinav Prateek, CEO & Founder, Huppme E-Com Network Pvt. Ltd.
Press Coverage
  • Motivational speaker Mr Vikas Jain addressed a session on ‘Emerging New Technologies-Role of Principal’ – DeccanChronicle




A Deeper Look into Journey of Vikas Jain

During his journey from government school in Delhi to top MNC’s like IBM and McAfee, he realized that most of the people are kept in illusion about “Secret of Success” in real life.”Secret of success” in real life is altogether different from it’s common perception. His motivation to share this knowledge and “Secret of Success” with others was so intense that he even denied the offer from Microsoft and started his own training and development organization Adhyan Innovative Learning.

His Flagship programs “Meeting Powerful You”, “Conquer FEAR“, “Emotional Releasing Technique“, “Secret of Success in Education”, “Conquer-IT” and “Keynote Speeches/Pep Talks” have already helped people to get tremendous success in their life.

He has deep insight on Self Learning Methods (i.e. Adhyan) to enhance Human Capabilities. He is the author of “Top 10 Mistakes While Making Career Choice” which covers that why even with best efforts, most of the individuals are not able to make right career choice and hence unable to unleash their true potential in life.

With focus on helping different sections of the society and empowering Educational Institutions, he has delivered Life Skills training to United Nations Refugees under UNHCR and Assistant/Associate Professors of University of Delhi among other training delivered in various Educational institutions and Corporate.

His research work has been published in Research Manuals of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi, Rukmini Devi Institute of Advanced Studies, Delhi and Indian Society for Training and Development, Delhi.

Academic Background
He graduated in Bachelor of Science from Hansraj College, University of Delhi in 2003 and completed his Masters in Computer Applications from University of Delhi in 2006. He has more than eight years of Corporate Experience in IBM and McAfee. During his technical career as Software Engineer, he did many certications viz, DBZ, AIX, SCJP, CCNA, CEH and Siebel CCC.

He cleared UGC-NET in Computer Science, Holds Advanced certication in Psychometric Analysis from GGSIP University, Delhi. He is a member of ISTD (Indian Society of Training and
Development), AIMA (All India Management Association), Indus Entrepreneur, Toastmasters Club.

About Adhyan

Learning continues till our last breath. Real Education is “Organized learning for specific purpose”. We exist to establish this understanding of Education to help you achieve success in personal and professional life through Seminars, Trainings, Life Coaching, Online-Resources, Products and more.

Our Mission is to overcome any hurdle between You and Your Learning.

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